Seattle Yarn Stores

Not only does Seattle have the Space Needle, it also has six yarn stores within its city limits. Truly a yarn paradise compared to London or Paris.

weavingworks.jpg I spend most of my yarn shopping time and money at The Weaving Works since I’m usually drawn to their excellent selection of textile books, which almost always includes the very latest knitting titles. They have a good selection of all types of yarns, from traditional Shetland to trendy eyelash and it’s the only place in town that carries Koigu. If you are looking for spinning supplies, then this is the place to go. I plan on taking their beginning wheel spinning class in March.

hilltop.jpg My other favorite yarn store is Hilltop Yarn. Although, they have a much smaller selection of yarn and books, the staff is very friendly and helpful. Just beware that it is a very popular place in a very trendy neighborhood so it can get quite busy on the weekends. It’s a very cozy, but comfortable place to take classes.

If I can’t find what I’m looking for at these two stores then I visit the following stores.

Acorn Street Shop

Yarn Gallery

Full Circle

7 thoughts on “Seattle Yarn Stores

  1. Wow! Now that’s what I call true LYS standards! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! Lovely, rainy Seattle (but pretty sunny on your pics!). I used to live in Vancouver, but wasn’t knitting at the time. I miss the West Coast.


  2. I actually took these pictures on a sunny fall day. Some of our best weather is in September and October.
    Vancouver is another beautiful city on sunny days. I love to visit but haven’t tried finding yarn stores there. Maiwa ( on Granville Island is my favorite place to browse for textile art supplies.


  3. I’m glad that Weaving Works is your first choice – I used to always go to Acorn Street, which is closest to my old house, but I love Weaving Works, as it has a huge selection and is conveniently located near my office. Whether that is good or bad – I guess it depends on one’s point of view.
    I’ve also gotten into ordering from Elann (based in Vancouver BC?) and ThreadBear. But we definitely have some good resources here.


  4. You know, I really like Hilltop but usually end up going to Weaving Works because I love to look through the books. Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime.
    I’ve ordered a pattern from ThreadBear and highly recommend them.
    I haven’t purchased anything from Elann yet. I keep looking but haven’t jumped at anything yet.
    I really do try to support my local yarn stores when possible.


  5. Loved the info on Seattle yarn stores. I just moved to Seattle from Jackson Hole, WY. I worked at the knitting store there, Knit on Pearl for a little over a year. Miss the time i spent earning $$ and helping people with their projects. Just visited the Fiber Gallery here, its off of Greenwood Ave, not sure of the exact adress, and it’s so much bigger than our little store in WY. And there’s so many more! i can’t wait to check them all out! Thanks again, Sara.


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