Round or Flat ?

I’ve picked up the top down pullover project this week. I placed it on hold while I considered whether the bottom part of the body was going to be wide enough. circular.jpg I finally came up with a silly idea on how to test the width. Since this sweater has a slight hourglass body (width is same at the under arm and lower torso), I tried on the sweater upside down. I did feel quite silly doing this but, … oh well.

When I first started this sweater I suspected that I might prefer to knit sweaters in the round. At this point, I find that each method has advantages and disadvantages, the decision of which to use depends on the pattern.

Flat Round
can hide yarn ends in seams yarn ends might be more obvious
easier for intarsia easier for Fair Isle
easily match stripes around body stripes and patterns can jog
less area to rip out when errors more area to rip out when errors
seams might add bulk no or few bulky seams
must take care that rows match between pieces might involve steeks or some flat knitting
many seams to sew few seams to sews
harder to fit during construction can try on during construction
more armhole shaping possibilities limited armhole shaping possibilities

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