Wrapped Short Row Woes

Actually, I should call them long rows because I’m increasing one stitch each row.

Despite being very careful, I’m still getting sloppy wrapped short rows and I’m blaming it on the yarn. It just seems to stretch too much, especially the picked up stitches. I’m getting around the problem by snugging up the picked up stitches one at a time and letting the slack out at the end where I started the pick up. That’s why the stitches on the top half of the cap look ok.


While continuing my research on short rows I found that Priscilla Gibson-Roberts describes two methods for knitting shaped-cap sleeves in Knitting in the Old Way. One method is what I’m doing now, except she doesn’t do a wrapped stitch at the end of every row. The other method involves picking up stitches as you go along and not wrapping the slipped stitch. Perhaps I should have done the latter method in order to snugged up the stitches as I work. Oh well, too late now. I’m not starting over one more time.


Notice the little paws in the bottom left of the photo? Well, somebody was just dying to get in a snuggle and snag the stitches. Look at his back paw.

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