Tundra / Rib Texture Pattern

I just happened to find myself in the vicinity of Hilltop Yarn yesterday so I just had to stop by since I haven’t been there for a while.

A few Jo Sharp sweater samples were on display. I was immediately drawn to the stitch pattern on a sweater called Tundra which is in her first book. She has given it the indistinct name of “rib texture pattern”. I haven’t come across it in any of the various stitch books so I don’t know if it has a common name.


Yarn: Jo Sharp DK Wool (KR review)

Color: 507 Miro

Needle Size: 6

Gauge: 4 inch square = 25sts and 30 rows

Stitch Pattern:

* = pattern repeat ( 3 stitches + 1)

Row 1: k1, *knit next stitch but leave it on the left needle instead of dropping it, bring yarn forward between needles and purl next two stitches on left needle, take yarn back between needle and knit next stitch*. Basically the second stitch is worked twice, first it is knit without dropping it from the left needle and then purled with the third stitch.

Row 2: purl each stitch if working flat or knit each stitch if working in the round.

Here’s a clearer picture worked up on the same needles in a lighter colored worsted weight yarn called Cascade 220.

Update: The 365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar list this stitch as Supple Rib.

5 thoughts on “Tundra / Rib Texture Pattern

  1. Wow. That’s the second very interesting stitch you’ve posted in just a short time! The open twisted rib fromthe other day inspired me to take down my own copy of the 2nd volume of the Harmony stitch guides. This one is very interesting as well. I’ve noticed several very nice textured stitches in Jo Sharp ads. I will have to try your instructions though — I don’t get what happens to the first knitted loop, nor do I get the last bit of row one: “bring yarn forward and knit next stitch*.


  2. Oh, I’m sorry about my mucked up instructions. Thanks letting me know about it.
    The book says, “Row 1 (RS) K1, *knit the next st but do not slip it off the left-hand needle, then purl the same st and the next st tog, k1; rep from * to end.
    I hope this helps.
    I was trying to clarify the instructions from the book since initially I wasn’t too sure what she ment by “purl the same st and the next st tog”. I thought she should have mentioned to bring the working yarn forward before purling the two stitches together and then take the yarn back before working the next knit stitch.


  3. Hi, I just started knitting and I ran into your site and thought the tundra was an interesting pattern to try out. Here is how I understood the pattern to work; knit one (and slide it off onto rhn); then knit in second stitch but do not slide it off onto the lhn but to purl in the next two stitches; so now I have 3 loops on my rt hand needle; so what happens next? Hopefully you can add some clarity but if not I totally understand. thanks for you response Ang


  4. Angela,
    After the first normal stitch, *start to knit the next stitch by pulling the working yarn through the next stitch on the left needle as normal but <> complete the stitch by totally discarding it off the left needle.
    You should now have a two stitches on the right needle, the first knit stitch and a new one which juts out from the stitch on the left needle. At this point you’ve increased a stitch, so the next two stitches should be purled together to make one stitch. Now knit normally into the fourth stitch*. Repeat from * to * to complete the first row.
    Purl the second row.
    I hope this helps. Good Luck.


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