Still Thinking About Jo Sharp

It turns out that Tundra isn’t the only Jo Sharp sweater featuring the Rib Texture Pattern mentioned in my previous post. I just checked out Knitted Sweater Style from the library and it has a v-neck pullover version with this stitch. Ripple also appears to have an interesting stitch pattern, although it’s hard to tell from the picture in the book.

I’ve flipped through Jo Sharp’s books at the yarn store so many times but wasn’t instantly compelled to knit anything from them. Now that I’m starting to take a second look, I admire many aspects of her designs and enjoyed knitting a swatch with her DK yarn.

6 thoughts on “Still Thinking About Jo Sharp

  1. Turns out that the Jo Sharp sweater I have always admired in her ads is in fact Tundra, and it is exactly the textured rib stitch that I liked. I may try it with some Brown Sheep superwash that has been aging in my stash.


  2. Rob,
    If you decide to make it, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
    Actually I got it from the King County Library System, it was just easier to link to SPL. KCLS has a much larger selection of knitting books, including many Alice Starmore books.


  3. Hey,
    I just found that textured rib stitch in the 2nd volume of Harmony knit stitches — they call it the “supple rib.” Coulnd’t find it in either of the two Walker stitch dictionaries I had, which is too bad — I like her comments on the kind of fabric a stitch produces.


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