Snugging Stitches

After reading my posting about shaped cap sleeves Sarah asked, “what do you mean by snugging stitches?”

Since I find it hard to explain I decided to take a picture.


After I’m done knitting the sleeve cap and knit one row in the round, I stop and tighten up the first row of stitches that were picked up around the armhole. This is done using a knitting needle and gently pulling on the backside of each of the picked up stitchs to transfer the slack from one stitch to the next. In the picture, I drew black lines on the next few stitches that will be pulled. As I tug on a stitch the last stitch will get tighter and the current stitch will get bigger. The last stitch will end up being a big loop that I can tighten by pulling on the end of the yarn. Voila, all the stitches are tighter. Just be sure not to make them too tight.

Sarah also asked if a set-in sleeve and a cap sleeve are the same thing. That’s a good question. In my mind they are the same thing but I might be wrong. I know that “set-in” is the sewing term used to describe the sleeves on a typical men’s suit jacket or dress shirt. That’s the type of sleeve that I’m trying to, more or less, mimic in my current sweater project.

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