Knitting Geek Code?

Knitting helps me unwind from deciphering and writting Java programs during the day, so you won’t find any knitting geek code here. I shutter at the thought of knitting emulating computer programming.

I’ve been meaning to make a short list of my knitting quirks so instead of code here’s my knitting history in a “nutshell”.

  • modified picker (wrap yarn around the needle with my index and thumb)
  • 2 years experience (+ six months many years ago)
  • not a fast knitter, will immediately rip any mistake but manage to get all projects completed
  • strongly prefer Addi Turbo nickle plated needles
  • favorite yarn is Koigu merino
  • swear to only use natural fiber yarns unless making socks, then a little nylon is ok
  • try not to stash yarn but …
  • knitting book stash is bigger then my yarn stash
  • like challenging technical projects
  • have done intarsia in the round, lace, fair isle (but all have been small projects)
  • haven’t knitted any blankets, shawls, scarves, hats, washclothes or aprons
  • will never knit an apron, cell phone cover or knitting bag
  • avoid anything with more then a few rows of garter stitch
  • first project was a sweater and second was a pair of socks
  • knit first pair of socks twice, first time with traditional heel then second time with short row heels
  • will knit garments flat or circular without prejudice
  • swatching is a must
  • knit in public on the bus, in a car, on a boat, before a movie
  • never more then two works in progress
  • usually stick to fingering, sport, DK weight yarn
  • mostly self taught via books
  • started spinning yarn with a hand spindle and have a wheel on order
  • haven’t quilted since taking up knitting
  • not thrilled to hear crochet is the next big thing

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