Yarn Construction

gilet lace

Bergereine is unlike any yarn that I’ve used.

Of course, being a new spinner, I took apart a piece to see how it was made. It’s constructed with 4-ply strands of 3-ply yarn. Each 3-ply yarn is made of two strands of cotton thread and one strand of wool.

It knits nicely but is not so easy to rip out since the small strands of cotton tend to get easily snagged by the needle. The fabric has the feel of soft cotton and the stretch of wool, so it should make a comfortable summer sweater.

I’ll be casting on a piece this week – probably a sleeve. Yep, I’m knitting this one in pieces instead of adjusting it to knit in the round. It will be so much easier to take along with me if I knit in pieces.

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