gl_left_front Here’s what I accomplished over the weekend while on a car trip to the other side of the mountains. Hopefully it will get more interesting when I start the sleeves. The main body pieces are simple rectangles, minus a small triangle on the upper edges. The sleeves are a little more complicated since they extend over the shoulders to form the collar and upper back.

The curled edges in the photo got me thinking about blocking. To be honest, I’m not serious about blocking. I usually just lightly steam any curled edges and move straight to sewing. However, this time I’m going to try using a set of blocking wires that I learned about a couple of months ago while reading Marilyn’s blog.

One thought on “Blocking?

  1. Melinda,
    That’s really beautiful. You really have come along way. I just finished 1/2 of a heart dish cloth. My gauge is small so I’m going to get size 9 needles. I’m making them for my friend Billy Carter while I practice. I doubt I’ll go much further, just want to be able to help Lily. But you never know, you may have started me on another craft again.


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