Mindless Lace Knitting

I haven’t abandoned Gilet Lace; it has just slowed down a bit since the next two pieces (sleeves) are all lace. Progress has been slower than normal over the past few days due to bouts of mindless knitting, ending in several rows being ripped out because of forgotten yarn overs. This pattern is almost etched in my mind so; I’ve totally abandoned the chart. The other day a fellow bus rider complimented my work mentioning that it looked like a difficult lace pattern and was surprised that I wasn’t following a chart. I guess she didn’t realize that most of the knitting consisted of a stitch pattern repeated a zillion times.

gilet lace: sleeve & stitch pattern

If you click on the picture you’ll see a close-up of the rather simple lace pattern. In a previous post I mentioned it includes right and left crossed stitches and posted a few pictures on how to work them. I however neglected to add a photo of what the end results look like. Well here’s a “Where’s Waldo?” moment. The crossed stitches are on either side of the reverse stockinette triangle patterns, just after/ before the yarn overs (holes). I have a vague memory of doing crossed stitches while working on a Nancy Bush sock pattern.

5 thoughts on “Mindless Lace Knitting

  1. That’s wonderful Melinda, I can’t see how you can keep all that straight. I’ve finished 8 of my heart dish clothes that I’ve knitted I don’t know how many times. See how long I last on this knitting project. Love Mom


  2. Hi ! It is my first time to visit your blog. Your Gilet Lace cardigan looks great. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read French. I just wonder if any English translation available for Bergere De France pattern ?
    Happy knitting !


  3. Eva,I don’t think Bergere de France offers a translation of their patterns, but if you want a translation of the Gilet Lace pattern I can send you my translation. I just need to type it up. I’ll have time to do it Sunday and will send you a copy when I’m done.


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