Change in Strategy

After further practice with Ashland Bay merino top, I’ve changed to a slightly larger whorl which has a 13:1 ratio. Although I was getting pretty good results with the 15:1 ratio, I did notice some over twisting. Perhaps this switch will also help solve some of my problems with getting a balanced 2-ply.

blue_merino_wpi Singles:

27 – 28 wraps per inch

13.5 twists per inch (with 13:1 whorl)


14 -15 wraps per inch

9 twists per inch (with 9:1 ratio whorl)

I’m working away on a second bobbin of singles and plan on using the 9:1 ratio whorl to create a balanced 2-ply yarn. If all goes well with this new skein then I might start spinning the fiber from the Spin-Off sweater package.

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