Handspun & Morehouse Merino

handspun_and_morehouse Can you guess which part of this swatch is handspun and which is not?

The top half is my latest sample of handspun merino top and the bottom half is Morehouse Farm 2-ply merino.

Morehouse Merino

2-ply Sport Weight Info

plied wraps per inch = 15

plied twists per inch = 7

McMorran Balance = 14 inches

Needle = 3.0mm

Gauge = 24 sts x 30 rows per 4 inches

Almost exactly the same specifications that I’d like to achieve with the merino that I’ll be using for the Spin-Off sweater!

So what is the Morehouse Merino like? Well, it’s not as soft as I thought it would be and definitely not as soft as Koigu. Even my handspun is softer (yeah).

morehouse_ballMy first unwashed swatch was done on with size 3.25mm needles, and produced a slightly stiff and uneven fabric. The stitches became tighter and more even when I switched to 3.0mm needles. Perhaps the stitches would look better after washing but I haven’t had a chance to do a wash test. As you can tell, I’m not too impressed with this yarn. Chances are that it will become a lonely ball at the bottom of my knitting basket reserved as a good point of reference.

3 thoughts on “Handspun & Morehouse Merino

  1. Awwwww. I love Morehouse Merino. There are some things I don’t really love about it, but over all, I think it is a great yarn. We’ll see if we change my mind when I finally make a whole sweater out of it!


  2. Kate,
    I remember you mentioned how soft their yarn is. Perhaps the 2-ply sport weight isn’t as soft as the 2-strand sport weight or as their the larger weight yarns. Maybe I should try one of those.


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