What’s in my day pack?

mad_river Here is one reason why I’m now an avid knitter and my quilt projects languish. Knitting is just so portable.

Like many knitters, I have my own system for hauling around my projects. When I’m riding on the bus I use my main knitting bag but when I go hiking and need a lower profile, I use a cinch pack. Although I purchased this one at a local store, it wouldn’t be very difficult to make. It’s just two squares with a casing at the top that holds some nylon cords to cinch the bag closed. The front pouch is handy for storing little knitting tools, needles and extra yarn. The ends of the nylon cords are attached at the bottom of the sack through some metal grommets so that the bag can be used as a makesift pack although I usually just put it in my larger daypack and easily pull it out when I get a chance to knit.

The other key element to portable knitting is the container that holds all the various knitting tools. After a long search I finally found this double-sided pencil box. One side holds my folding scissors, markers, crochet hook, ruler and pencil. Flip the box (click on the picture) and the other side holds my measuring tape, sewing needles, counter and stitch holders.


So what was I working on this weekend? Well, I picked up Gilet Lace again and I’m almost finished with the first sleeve/collar piece.

Eva, I’m sorry it is taking me so long to type up the translation for this cardigan. I want to make sure I get the translation right so I’ll finish the translation as I finish the first sleeve. The upper part of the sleeve is a big tricky so the translation will probably be more accurate if knit it first.

One thought on “What’s in my day pack?

  1. Hi ! I love your pic. I think it is enjoyable to knit in country side. It is too hot in HK, so I never bring my knitting outside in hot summer time.
    Thank you very much for taking time to translate the pattern for me. I know it is a hard job. I have experience of translated a Japanese pattern into English. It really takes time. So, no need to hurry, I can wait. Thank you again !
    Happy knitting !


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