When will I get my pattern?


I purchased this sock yarn (click picture for a closer view) for my mother on mother’s day and promised to make her a pair of socks that she could wear this fall.

Earlier this week I came across this crossing cables pattern and placed an order for the PDF file. Well the payment went through but I didn’t get the PDF and the person behind the web site hasn’t responded to my e-mail.

Hopefully I get response soon. If not, I just might have to figure out the pattern myself. After a little searching I found that the same stitch pattern was used in “Wall Street Cables” from Arans & Celtics and according to Jon’s Knitting Blog (via EarthaKnits), it’s also in Harmony Guide 220 Aran Stitches.

Here’s a better picture of the sock on RedBirdKnits.com, which was knit in Wollywasch Tweed.

My mom needs something to cheer her up, look what happened my parent’s business this week. At least everyone in my family is ok and my dad is taking it well. Despite feeling awful for my folks, this other article did put a smile on my face.

9 thoughts on “When will I get my pattern?

  1. Wow! Sorry to hear about your parents store, but so glad no one else was hurt. Your dad has the right outlook, they’re only material things.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful knitting and *great* technique pages! Hope you hear from Red Bird and get your pattern soon.


  2. EEK. So sorry to read about your parents’ shop, but I’m glad that you’re all ok. People are stupid & life is fickle. Are we taking bets on whether that idiot is insured?
    Good luck with the getting your hands on that cabled sock pattern. I’ve seen it before & like it, too. I’m sure the socks will turn out well. I’d ratchet them up to an early Christmas present – she could probably use a sock-hug!


  3. Thanks for the concern. My dad is taking it well and he thinks the shop should be up and running soon.
    Yeah, I don’t think idiots usually have insurance but I’m sure my Dad’s insurance will check into it as well as each car owner’s insurance company. It’s so sad how drugs can affect so many lives.
    I ordered the pattern on a whim, from the designer, Danny Ouellette via her web site (not Red Bird Knits). I thought I would get the PDF upon paying via PayPal but didn’t. I’ve e-mailed her a couple of times but haven’t gotten a response.
    I noticed that Threadbear Fiber Arts carries this pattern and they run a great online business. I should have ordered from them.
    Over the weekend I studied the pictures of this sock and think that I can come up with my own version.


  4. just thought you might like to know that Danny Ouelette is a he – a very talented he too. Is he away? that may be why you haven’t received anything. He is completely trustworthy and I am sure that is why you haven’t received your PDF.
    Robyn – Red Bird Knits
    PS – thanks for the link!


  5. Robyn,
    Thanks for correcting me. I was wondering.
    I hope nothing bad has happend. Maybe that’s the case and isn’t answering e-mails.
    I was thinking of asking folks on the Socknitter’s list if they’ve heard from him.
    I’ve sent three e-mails and haven’t received a response. Another reader mentioned that she is trying to get in touch with him but hasn’t heard back either.


  6. Evening Melinda.
    I’m sorry about all this confussion with my pattern. I was away on vacation from July 16 – 26, and have only been picking up emails a couple times during that trip.
    I tried answering your email, but it must not have gone through.
    Please email me one more time so I make sure I have your correct email. I’ll forward you a link you can download the PDF file from.
    Thanks for your patience and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Danny Ouellette


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