Time Flies


crosspatch_creations I can’t believe that I haven’t touched my spinning wheel for a couple of weeks now. Summer is always a challenging time to keep up with my projects.

Yesterday I got a chance to meet up with another spinner from the Weaving Works Spin In. She worked on some lovely silver angora wool from her rabbit. It was simply lovely.

While she worked on the angora, I tried to finish spinning some bright multi-colored wool fiber that I got at the Black Sheep Gathering last month. It’s fun to spin the singles but when I ply them together, the random colors don’t go well together. I plan on plying the rest of the fiber using the Navajo 3-ply technique so that the same color gets plied together.

I was tempted to start spinning this Rainbow Roving that I got from The Bellwether at the Black Sheep Gathering. It’s wool, tussah silk and silk noil. Oddly enough, the silk noil specks remind me of dyer lint. If only my dyer produced such beautiful fiber, I’d be in spinning heaven.

Gilet Lace

Gilet Lace is coming along well. Once the second sleeve is done, the sweater should come together quickly since I plan on doing the back in stockinette stitch.gl_sleeve2

Crossing Cables


I’m still waiting for Danny Ouellette to send me the PDF that I ordered.

This is my second attempt at figuring out the stitch pattern without the actual pattern. After studying the photo, I think each rope cable is four stitches wide and ten rows tall with a purl stitch on each side of the cables. This sample is close but missing some purl stitches, so I’ll rip it out and start over.

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