I have it!


Yahoo, I got the Crossing Cables Socks pattern from Danny Ouellette earlier this week.

After flipping through the pattern, it looks like it will be worth the wait. While I might have eventually done it on my own, I can now clearly see that it would have taken a while. I was on the right track but hadn’t yet figured out how to strategically place the cables between purl stitches.

The pattern is five pages long, includes several charts and has a very professional look. I don’t think Danny has spared any details.

Although I’m diligently working to finish Gilet Lace, I couldn’t resist working on a swatch of the Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn that I’ll be using for the socks. This 3-ply yarn is a pleasure to knit. I’ve decided to follow the pattern and use 3mm needles, but I’m usually inclined to use a smaller sized needle to get tighter stitches when making socks. This time I’ll stick to the larger needles to avoid making socks that will be too small for the recipient.

3 thoughts on “I have it!

  1. Melinda,
    The yarn is beautiful!!! I’m really looking forward to wearing those socks. I love telling people you make socks for me. I have be back to tatting and have put my knitting aside for awhile. I have to get back to it and finish the dish clothes I started. With the tatting I’m making an edgeing for a little bag I made along time ago. I’ll check on my socks again. Love mom


  2. Oh yum! I really like the yarn you are using for my socks. These are colours that really speak to me.
    I’ve got a skien of the weavers quarters in a different colourway that has been waiting patiently to be made into these socks. One day!
    Let me know how the 3mm needles work out. I’m a fairly tight knitter myself, and I think the pattern reflects that. My test knitter always has to go down a couple needle sizes because she knits loosely. On these, she had to use 2.5mm needles to get the tension I suggest.
    Back a few months ago on the sock list, one lady posted a picture of a sock done in Mountain Colours weavers quarters. You can see it here:
    I see you are might be doing the sock on 2 circulars. My suggestion would be to put the stitches from needles 1 / 2 on circular 1, and needles 3 / 4 on circular 2.
    Circular 1 will contain stitches for the top of the foot / front of the leg. Circular 2 will be the sole, gussets, heel and back of the leg.
    When you turn the heel, just leave the gusset stitches on the second circular. The pattern has you move these from needles 3 / 4 onto needles 1 / 2. You don’t need to do that working on the 2 circulars.
    Good luck and have fun. I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing these socks.


  3. Yes, I do use two circulars, thanks for the additional info. I’ll be starting the socks in the next few days and after looking at the link you posted, I’m so excited to get started. Last night I was tempted to buy some more Bearfoot yarn for myself but I think I should finish these before I buy more yarn.


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