Mountain Colors


Last week I was as far away from a computer as I could get, soaking in the mountain colors of Glacier National Park in Montana (the home state of Mountain Colors Hand-Painted Yarns). Although I spent most of my time hiking, I did haul the Crossing Cables Socks around in my pack and found a few spare moments to knit. Here’s what I managed to get done (mostly during the long car trip).


After finishing half of the first foot on size 3mm needles, I decided to start over with size 2.5mm needles. The larger sized needles were producing a loose knit fabric that just didn’t look right. The sock should still fit the recipient since the fabric is essentially ribbing that stretches well.

I’m anxious to sew Gilet Lace together. I finished all the pieces just before leaving on vacation so it’s been laying on my project table waiting for my return. Hopefully I’ll find time to work on it tomorrow evening.

I’m sure all the knitting lists are talking about the case of the exploding knitting needle. I just heard about it on the local evening news. Don’t those needles look like Addi Turbos?

7 thoughts on “Mountain Colors

  1. Hi ! I think it must be very enjoyable to have hiking in such beautiful place. Some years ago, I went to National park in US in CA (can’t spell the exact name), I still remember how beautiful it is.
    Looking forward to your Gilet lace cardigan FO. It should be gorgerous too !
    Happy knitting !


  2. I can’t quite convince myself that the exploding needles story not a joke. It seems too funny/ bizarre to be real.
    The socks look nice. I tend to stay away from texture patterns in variegated yarns because I worry that that one will muddy up the other, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with your sock. They actually seem to compliment each other. Good choice.


  3. Too funny….. But I must say that I hope that doesn’t happen to me when I’m in the car next week, because…
    I’m going to Glacier next week! (And to visit the in-laws that live in Great Falls.)
    Whereabouts did you hike/stay?


  4. Lo again Melinda.
    This looks like an amazing place to have a vacation. I need to get to some place like this. Toronto get’s to be too much concrete after a while.
    WOW! Your sock is looking GREAT! I really like those colours, but then I’m partial to dark blues / greens / purples. I’m gonna have to dig out my Mountain Colours and use it soon.
    Have a great week and good luck with sewing up your Gilet Lace.


  5. Hi all,
    It’s been a long difficult week, after having such a fabulous vacation. I have so much work to catch up with that it’s been very difficult to find time to blog.
    I don’t think it’s a joke. The woman was on the local news and looked quite serious. I think she’s an experienced knitter since they showed her working on her current sweater project. She didn’t look like a beginner.
    Your right about patterned yarn and textured stitches. I was a little worried that the cables wouldn’t show up at all. They are kind of subtle but not too lost with this yarn since the colors are not too bright.
    Glacier is awesome. I hope you have a great time.
    We stayed on the east side at Too Medicine and Rising Sun, which were both very nice campgrounds. Too Medicine has a wonderful view of the lake and surrounding mountains. The Ranger, Pat Hagan, is a kick. Don’t miss his evening fireside talk. While at Too Medicine we did the Dawson Pass hike (that’s where the picture was taken) but didn’t quite make it to the top since we were worried about missing the return boat.
    For a couple of days we took a class on Archeology with the Glacier Institue. During the class we hiked to Piegan Pass which was somewhat strenuous but none the less beautiful.
    We didn’t stay at Many Glacier but I would have liked to. I think it has the most spectatular views. We did however do a day hike to Iceberg lake with Ranger Lynne. It’s a moderate hike that ends at a lake that actually has icebergs! We also saw two sets of mother/cub grizzly bear families from a safe distance.
    If you’re looking for a cafe, Park Cafe in St. Mary is the best.


  6. What an amazing story…The exploding knitting needle!!
    Your cable sock is gorgeous. I wish I was the recipient.
    Your hiking adventure looks fabulous. Hiking used to be my favorite hobby..and great excercise of course. I can’t hike now as I have very bad knees. I envy you!! 😉


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