gilet_lace_doneWhile I spent much of my time catching up at work after being on vacation for a week, I managed to complete Gilet Lace.

Unlike my last sweater project, I have no remorseful feelings about choosing this pattern. I found the pattern easy to follow and written with no mistakes. Well, actually there is one small mistake; I had to double the length of the crocheted cord. Bergereine yarn is easy to work as long as it isn’t ripped out too often. Best of all, the sweater fits well.

So what’s on the sweater project horizon? I’ll start to concentrate on spinning the fiber for the Spin-Off sweater but should also get more serious about making a sweater for my husband. I have a couple of Alice Starmore patterns that he’s approved and just need to choose one.


This week I came across Wendy’s post about Debbie Bliss’ Lara pattern and briefly toyed with the idea of making this sweater. It’s a simple but elegant design.

Tuesday night, I made a special trip to Hilltop to check out the pattern book, Silk Alpaca. After flipping through it, I began to realize that I shouldn’t waste $17 on this book since Lara is the only design that I liked. Besides, It’s such a simple design that it couldn’t be too difficult to knock off from the picture. Making my own version makes much more sense because I also wasn’t too thrilled with the thickness of Silk Alpaca ( 10 inches = 18 stitches). Despite only having one design that I liked, I might have purchased the book if it didn’t have one huge glaring problem – no schemas of the sweater pieces.

11 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Beautiful sweater.
    Debbie Bliss never does schematics. I got the book on Sat. at Weaving Works during the sale. They didn’t have the yarn so I went to Hilltop to grope the yarn. Very nice but so expensive.


  2. Congratulations! That is an AMAZING looking sweater!
    I know a couple friends who look great in that. Gotta add that to the growing list of want to do’s.
    Which Starmore design’s are you thinking of for your husband? There are some Aran designs I really like, and I want to make Henry VIII sometime before I’m 50.
    Have a great week there. Danny


  3. Hi There:
    I made the Lola sweater for my daughter out of her cotton/angora book. This looks like a grown up version of that same sweater. I too would love to make this, but (a) don’t want to waste the $17 on the book and (b) am not thrilled with the gauge. Let me know if you come up with something similar. I would be curious what gauge etc. you’re knitting it up with.


  4. Theona,
    I’m keeping an eye out for similar patterns. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to making my own version but if/when I do, I’ll use much thinner yarn. I’ve noticed that the yarn companies think bulky will be popular this year.
    I checked out the Lola sweater. It is very similar except Lara is knit from cuff to cuff.


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