Irish Moss

You all are so kind, thanks for all the Gilet Lace compliments.

Danny asked which Alice Starmore designs we were considering for the next sweater project.

soft_shetlandAlthough I didn’t ask my husband’s opinion, I limited my search to Aran type patterns since I haven’t yet attempted one. After searching through several books and pattern sources, I presented him with several designs, which included Irish Moss and Na Craga from Aran Knitting. When presented with the options once again this past weekend, he chose Irish Moss.

Yesterday evening I started my yarn search on the web. I knew it could prove to be interesting since Starmore is known not only for her beautiful designs but also for an odd distribution saga and attempts to thwart e-bay sellers. The Irish Moss pattern calls for Alice Starmore’s Scottish Heather, which is no longer available. My initial google search on Scottish Heather produced information which mentioned that Jamieson’s (who I believe was her previous distributor) Soft Shetland is the closest substitute. A second search for Soft Shetland produced a post on Knitter’s Review, which mentioned that Hilltop Yarns has it on sale for 30% off. Bingo! I had just enough time to jet up there. Lucky for me, they still had enough of it in Anthracite to make Irish Moss. Hopefully, I’ve made a good yarn choice.

Although the Irish Moss project is coming together quickly, I still intend to spend more time on spinning merino fiber and finishing the Crossing Cables socks. By the way, the Crossing Cables pattern is very well written. I would recommend it for any intermediate level sock knitting enthusiast. I should have the first sock done this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Irish Moss

  1. Irish Moss – oh yes DROOL!
    I was very fortunate as someone gave me a copy of the AS Aran book. This was one of the patterns I really liked. I have to do some more cables once I finish with a couple lacier projects.
    And that Jamieson’s yarn looks perfect for it!
    Congrats on the sock! And thank you for the compliment on my pattern. How are you finding working it on the 2 circulars? Any problems I should note for future tips for people?
    Emma – thanks for the link to Jamiesons. It will make looking for their shades much easier. And if I want stuff from them, it’s cheaper for me to order directly from them rather than get it here in Canada. I know it’s the same with Jameison and Smith.


  2. Thanks Emma for confirming it. I thought that it was but wasn’t sure. AS would cring at the thought. I thought about ordering yarn from her but I couldn’t resist such a good sale.
    The woman at Hilltop said that Jamieson will be changing the way the Soft Shetland yarn is packaged and many of the colors will be discontinued. Hilltop will no longer carry it.
    I’m getting the impression that Shetland type wool might have a hard time finding shelf space. At least, I think I’ll have a harder time finding a good variety of colors here in Seattle.
    Vanessa, glad you got in on the sale. Wilkinson is beatiful.
    Danny, I usually just put two DPN needles worth of stitches on each circular needle. Translating DPN sock patterns into two circulars is second nature to me. When I knit the second sock I’ll pay more attention and see if I do anything special.
    I’m really enjoying this pattern. This is the first time I’ve done toe up socks with traditional heels and like the results much better.


  3. I have just inhereted a yarn stash which includes Starmore Scottish Heather – there is no yardage listed on the yarn. Can anyone tell me the yardage in my 50g skein??


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