Not enough tension

irish_moss_swatch1 I started swatching for Irish Moss the other day and could not get anywhere near the tension (gauge) mentioned on in the pattern. It calls for 22 stitches and 28 rows in moss stitch (aka double moss stitch) to create a 4-inch square using 4.5mm needles. After three attempts and two needles sizes later, I’m starting to wonder if this Soft Shetland yarn will actually work for me. I can try again with 3.25mm needles but that just doesn’t seem right. I’ll try one more time with 4mm needles and if the swatch doesn’t match the required tension, I’ll rethink my yarn selection. I keep lusting over Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed, so this afternoon I picked up a ball and will give it a try if the Soft Shetland proves to be too difficult.

4 thoughts on “Not enough tension

  1. Starmore is famous for her bullet proof arans ! Really ! The Shetland soft is identical to the yarn used in the pattern.Honestly !
    I’d go with a d.k. weight yarn – unless you want your sweater to be able to stand independantly !


  2. The Silkroad DK Tweed is nice stuff! I made a hat out of it a couple weeks ago.
    I knew it was thinner than I normally used for the hat, so I kept my tension looser. Even then on 4mm needles it was giving me about 28 sts by 36 rows for a 4″ square in seed stitch. OUCH! But then, I knit tightly. {G}


  3. Emma I was glad to see your comment about this yarn. I usually knit with tight tension but I doubt I can match her.
    I tried the Silkroad DK Tweed and don’t think it will work. I knit a couple rows of double moss stitch on 4mm needles and it looked way too loose. Your right Danny, it’s has a nice feel and would be great for a hat. That’s probably what I’ll do with the one ball that I purchase.
    I just ordered a ball of Harrisville Highland from Halcyon which I think Starmore has previously mentioned as a substitute.


  4. i used the scottish heather (soft shetland) for irish beach and had to go waaayyy down on the needle size. it still ended up being a bit too large, which was fine as i was making it for my son.


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