Cat burglar

thiefYes, this blog is about knitting and not my cat.

I try to keep cat pictures to a minimum but no matter how hard I try to keep Toby out of shooting range he continually finds ways to make it into my pictures. I guess it’s revenge for all the times he has decided not to crawl onto my lap because I was holding knitting needles. We’ve tried mixing lap sitting and knitting but he’s decided the two can’t be mixed.

multicolor_spun_fiberWe got in a little tussle while I tried taking pictures of the yarn I plied last night. I purchased the fiber earlier this summer at the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon.

The first batch (bottom) was randomly plied with two strands. I didn’t like the muddled affect so I did the second batch using Navajo plying. This technique allows each color segment to be plied together so that the colors don’t get mixed.

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