Rainbow Roving

Fiber: Rainbow Roving by Crosspatch Creations
Content: Wool, Tussah Silk, Silk Noil
Approximate weight: 4oz.
Preparation: Carded (?)
Source: Bellwether
Equipment: wheel
11:1 ratio whorl for singles
7-1/2 ratio whorl  for plying
Method: semi-worsted, inch by inch short draw
Twist: 7 – 9 plied twists per inch
Wraps Per Inch: 12 – 14
Needles: 3.25mm
26 sts = 4-1/4 inches
Possible Project: Socks – if there’s enough

Notes: My best spinning results yet. I love this fiber. It’s soft but not whimpy. Most importantly, the knitted swatch is just as beautiful as the skein.

9 thoughts on “Rainbow Roving

  1. Hmmmmmm YUM! Great spinning there!
    I think you have sold me on this fiber. I’m down in the states next week on a conference, and I’m visiting a store on Monday that sells this fiber. I think I know what else I’m getting there! I’ve been looking at this stuff on their website saying hm…. maybe. I think I’ll at least have to fondle it a bit!
    And it also doesn’t hurt that it’s purple. I think I’m becoming my sister – I’m turning into a purple freak lately! About 80% of my recent projects have some purple in them. Go figure!
    Have a great weekend and happing spinning / knitting / whatevering!


  2. The stuff looks lovely. Incredible color, too. It doesn’t look like they carry yarn for us nonspinners, though. Too bad. Oh mi gawd – does that mean that I need to learn how to spin?


  3. Thanks everyone. While hiking in the snow this weekend, I started thinking about using this yarn for a hat instead of socks.
    Oh Danny I think you’ll like this fiber. My yarn reminds me of Jo Sharp DK Silk Tweed but with just a bit tighter twist.
    Samina, if you like fiber you’ll probably end up spinning someday. I swore off spinning for a year but got sucked into it when someone gave me a fleece.
    Yep, I’m always drawn to purple even though my favorite color is actually deep magenta (like the yarn in my logo).


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