Belle Epoque


Unfortunately, I can’t claim to have made this sweater but just thought I
would post it for design inspiration.  It’s 100% alpaca; hand loomed
(whatever that means) in Bolivia.

Not only do I love the knitted motifs but also the cut and lightweight fabric make it so much more comfortable
to wear than my heavy Icelandic Design sweater.  It’s rarely too warm to wear around the office on a brisk autumn day.

Like a true knitter, I measured the gauge which is 8 stitches to an

Here’s what I was able to accomplish this weekend. Now that I’ve done a couple of repeats it’s coming along a little faster.  I even started taking it on the bus and can get a couple of rows done during a normal commute.


4 thoughts on “Belle Epoque

  1. Wow! What an amazing jumper! At first I thought that you may have knitted it, I was going to beg you for the pattern! And yes, it is a bit sad when we measure the gauge on our bought jumpers. I’m trying to write out a pattern from measuring one of my favourite vests.


  2. Wow! No way would that be commuter knitting for me. And that particular combination of cables is just gorgeous. I am going to look in back entries to see what pattern you are using.


  3. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Rob, the pattern is Irish Moss from Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore.
    Emma, I had doubts about the yarn but I love it now. Thanks for your encouragement.


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