On a roll


I’m a knitter with a mission.

I think I’ll get Irish Moss done much
quicker then originally anticipated.  I find this  stitch pattern  so
addicting that it’s hard to put aside for any other project. While the
stitch pattern looks difficult, it’s not after a few repeats.  Since
it’s a basic drop sleeve sweater there’s no side or armhole shaping to

This week I also spun some of the fiber for the Spin-Off sweater.  Although I thought I had practiced enough, I’m finding the solid color merino much more difficult to draft. It still looks OK, but just isn’t as consistent as my previous attempts with the multi-colored roving. The difference has got to be the amount of combing. I bet that the multi-colored roving goes through many more combings than the solid color rovings.


I’m ready to learn more spinning techniques so next week I’ll start a series of three spinning class offered by a local yarn store that I hope will expose me to a wider variety of wool.  While I’m hoping to expand my skills, I’m not sure how in-depth these classes will get. Although the teacher is very knowledgeable, her approach isn’t as technical as I would prefer. Whatever the outcome, I know I will enjoy spending time with others who enjoy fiber arts and spinning.

To satisfy my technical hunger, I recently signed up for a few classes offered by Madrona Fiber Arts in February. Hopefully I’ll be able to take one class with Deb Menz called “Plying Yarns for Color Effects” and two with Judith MacKenzie McCuin called “Three Bags Full: Spinning for 3 different   types of yarn” and “The Great Sock Caper: Hand spun yarn for hand knit socks”.

By the way, I notice that Interweave will be releasing  a paperback version of Deb Menz’s book, Color in Spinning.  Yahoo!

4 thoughts on “On a roll

  1. Hi! Your sweater-in-progress is lovely. Arans are great. And your yarn is beautiful too. About the drafting- have you tried spinning from the other end of the roving? Sometimes that makes a huge difference.


  2. your spinning looks wonderful, i can’t believe you haven’t been spinning too long. i am going to gig harbor also, we’ll be in the 3 bags full class together!


  3. Beautiful stitchwork on your sweater.Lovely and crisp,and so intricate.Your spinning looks very good to me.You want your yarn to have a little life,a little of you in it.Not to emulate mill-spun.I bet it knits up beautifully.
    Have fun at your classes.It’s always the fellow spinners and knitters who make the classes so fun,I find.


  4. Sue, that’s a great idea. I’ll try switching ends if I have the same problem with the next colors.
    Vanessa, that’s great. I’m looking forward to meeting you. The class sounds very interesting.
    Emma, you’re right; I shouldn’t try to emulate mill-spun. The yarn came out ok but just not as nice as the multi-colored merino. It’s just odd that the multi-colored merino is so much easier to spin even though it was processed by the same company.


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