IrishmossmistakeAlthough I was making great progress on Irish Moss, not long after my last post I found two glaring mistakes.   At about 30 rows back I forgot to cross stitches in two places. I guess that’s what I get for bragging about being able to work  on  this sweater while riding the bus.

I briefly attempted to fix the mistakes by just ripping down a few stitches from the top to avoid having to rework all those rows, but it proved too difficult.

Knitting gives one the rare opportunity to fix mistakes, so I take it in stride. Unlike other things in life, I  control my knitting projects with no definite deadlines to meet. If a mistake is obvious to me, I fix it.

Even though I’m committed to fixing my knitting mistakes no matter how daunting, I do my best not to make them in the first place. This one reminded me once again that I should frequently stop and admire my work often so that I can find mistakes as early as possible.

So, this week not much progress was made. Tonight I just reach the point at which I was before I found the errors.

Spinning Class
The first class wasn’t very exciting since it was a review of the beginning class.  We hauled our wheels and equipment to class but didn’t spin! The instructor spent the whole class reviewing topics that were discussed in the beginning class.  I knew there would be some review but I thought that we would at least get to spin. At the end of class the instructor passed out several bags of various wools that we are to prepare for next week.  Things should get more exciting next week. We’ll be learning how to use  a drum carder, combs and cards.

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