Knitting surgery

It happened again. I found another mistake.  Oh, this is getting so tedious.

At least this time I was able to fix it by only ripping out a small part that was one column of 5 stitches wide and  16 rows deep.  Using a spare circular needle  I reworked all the stitches.

Irish_mossfix1_2 Irish_mossfix3

Hopefully (knock on wood), I’ll finally finish the front piece this week.

This week I’ve been spending more time spinning than knitting.  I’m working on finishing up the samples from spinning class which ended this week.  I’ll post some photos when the skeins dry.

3 thoughts on “Knitting surgery

  1. But doesn’t it give you a smug sense of accomplishment when you avoid ripping the WHOLE thing back to the mistake and only have to do those 5 stitches? I always feel so clever when I do that.


  2. Yes, Sue. At least I didn’t have to rip out as much as I did last time. So, I guess I’m brushing up on my repair skills.
    Gosh, I think one would have to become an expert at these types of repair jobs when knitting in the round.


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