Finished samples

Here are my finished samples from the spinning class that I recently took at The Weaving Works.
We were given small bags of various  wool samples to prepare by combing, hand carding, drum carding or flicking. The first two samples are from commercially prepared tops while the rest are from fleeces that the teacher had acquired and cleaned.


Listed from left to right (click photo for larger view):

  • Merino Top (commercial),
    Much softer and has more spring than the merino that I’ve been spinning for the Spin-Off sweater.
  • Falkland Top (commercial) –
    Not quite as soft as the merino but pretty darn close.  Easier to spin than the merino.
  • Rambouillet – hand carded
    Very soft but difficult to spin. Rolags had lots of little nubs that made it difficult to spin a consistent yarn.
  • Navajo – hand carded
    Lovely fiber.  As soft as the Rambouillet but produces less nubby rolags. Several students loved this one and were sad to find out that there was no more left to buy.
  • Columbia Suffix Romney Lamb – combed
    Used animal combs that I purchased at a fiber show.  Produced lofty and relatively soft yarn.  Although it’s difficult to tell in the photo, the color is a beautiful light gray.
  • Columbia Suffix Romney –  drum carded
    From the same animal as the sample above,  but cut when it was an adult. Lofty yarn but not quite as soft as when it was a lamb.  Still quite dirty despite being washed, which made it difficult to put through the drum carder.
  • Polypay – hand carded
    Much like the  white Columbia Suffix Romney but easier to work with.
  • Romney Columbia – hand carded
    Similar to the Polypay and white Columbia Suffix Romney.
  • Lincoln Polypay – combed
    Simply beautiful color and luster. A bit softer than pure Lincoln.
  • Lincoln – combed
    Very greasy and hard to handle. Beautiful luster but very hairy and not soft at all.  The curly locks are very deceiving.

I took advantage of the class discount and purchased a pair of double row Louet mini combs, but I swear, I won’t be purchasing a fleece anytime soon.  I need to finish what I already have on hand.

3 thoughts on “Finished samples

  1. Ooo! Nice! I wish I lived closer to Weaving Works so I could take advantage of their classes, but alas, a ferry ride plus two hours is too far. Very nice samples. It’s nice to be able to compare all those different types of fleece.


  2. Yes, that would be quite a drive but it might be worth it if you are interested in trying out spinning equipement.
    I’m glad that I had a chance to use a drum carder so that I could decide whether I would really want one. I probably wouldn’t get one since I currently prefer roving over carded batts.


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