Are dye lot numbers important ?

Irish_moss_backYes they are.

Can you see the stripe?

I swear I checked all the lot numbers when I purchased the yarn so, I didn’t double check as I was winding up the balls.

Oh well, another lesson learned.

At this point I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do except that I’ll delay the frogging (rip out)  decision until after I finish one sleeve.  At that point  I’ll have a better idea of how many balls it will take to finish the sweater. The pattern calls for 16 and I purchased 17. Perhaps the  yarn godess will bless me and I’ll really only need 16.
The front took 5.25 balls  so if the back uses the same and each sleeve takes 2.5 balls  I should be ok.

7 thoughts on “Are dye lot numbers important ?

  1. I’ve had that happen. Dye lot certainly does matter. One possibility would be to go ahead and rip it out; use all the same dye lot on the large piece (I guess it’s the front,] then when you get to the sleeves. Alternate the dye lots, row by row. It will be far less noticeable. It’s a pain, but if you can’t get more of the appropriate dye lot, it does work. If I recall correctly, that one has shoulder straps, and that would be a pretty good place to do the alternating rows. Or, maybe just do the sleeve ribbings with the odd dyelot. Those are about the only ways that I know to handle it, but others may have more ideas. I wish you the best. You’ve done a wonderful job on it, so I’m sure you want to preserve the project.
    Good knitting,


  2. That just blows — I’m so sorry! What dye lot do you need? Maybe a few of your readers can help you track some down. Also, have you thought about posting a request for extra skeins in your dye lot to the Knitswap list on Yahoo groups? Their a pretty resourceful bunch. 😉


  3. This weekend I went ahead and started the sleeves. It’s looking like I
    might just have enough to finish the whole sweater with one lot. I
    used 5.25 balls on the front and count on using the same for the back.
    If the sleeves only take 2.5 balls each then, it should work out.
    If it doesn’t work out, I’ll do the shoulder panels with the
    darker lot or start checking around to see if any one has an extra
    ball to spare. The difference really isn’t too horrible. The picture
    makes it look worse than it really is. My husband says I shouldn’t even rip out the stripe since it was so much work but if I don’t rip it out I think it will bother me every time I see the sweater on him.
    Mary, you have some great ideas on how to deal with this problem. Thanks so much.
    Lolly, thanks for the suggestion. I did stop by the place where I purchased the yarn but they didn’t have any left and this color has been discontinued. Hopefully I’ll get by with 16 balls and won’t need to look around for an extra one.
    Donna, thanks for the encouragement.


  4. Ack! Will it never end??!! Mary’s suggsestions are great- if the large pieces are all one dye lot, then the alternating rows in the sleeves won’t be noticible at all. I did that on a sweater for my husband (which is now mine since he never wore it), and you can’t tell at all that there are two dyelots there.
    Hopefully, though, you won’t need to go to such lengths!


  5. I had that same thing happen to me. I bought 9 skeins of wool of the very same dye lot and still got one that was just a little bit lighter than the others, of course I couldn’t see this until the whole sweater was finished..grrr…


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