Strategic knitting

Irish_moss_sleeve1It took about 2.5 balls to complete the main part of one sleeve.

So now the question is, will I have enough to finish the whole sweater with 16 balls of the same dye lot or will I need to use yarn from another dye lot?

Considering that the front took 5.5 balls, It will be very tough to get by with one dye lot.

This weekend I’ll take some more body measurements and see if I can shorten the the torso pieces a bit to get enough yarn  for the collar and maybe the shoulder band. If this is not possible or doesn’t produce enough yarn, then I’ll plan on knitting the shoulder band and collar with yarn of another dye lot and hope it won’t be so noticeable.

When I started the front piece several months ago I had some suspicions  that I might not have enough yarn so I did pick up two extra balls which are from yet another dye lot. Perhaps these will not be as dark as the one that created the stripe on the back piece but I won’t know until I start adding one to the project.  I tried put the skeins on one of the pieces to see if I could tell the difference but they look the same to me.

4 thoughts on “Strategic knitting

  1. I have had good success knitting from two different balls when faced with the dye lot problem… 2 rows with 1, then 2 rows from another. Good luck!


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