Passing inspection

The cat takes his job so seriously that I couldn’t get him to move out of the picture.

The red arrow shows  how much progress I’ve made on the back .  For comparison, the front  piece is under  it.  Irish moss back
In only a week I’ve been able to complete most of the back piece by working the pattern from memory. Look mom, no chart! At this rate I hope to have it done by Valentine’s day.

I’m ready to move on and look forward to getting back to my spinning projects. Besides, the Winter retreat is only a few weeks away!

2 thoughts on “Passing inspection

  1. Wow! That is great progress. You’ve clearly done yourself a great favor by learning to “read” your knitting. I used to keep track of every row, but one year (1998, maybe) I decided that I didn’t want to do it anymore. Now, I don’t write anything down. I’m not as quick as you, though.


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