Quick and Easy


The Harvard Square cardigan is officially finished, a relatively quick and easy project that would have gone much faster if I hadn’t ripped out one of the sleeves to try knitting it in the round. I came up with the idea after having trouble sewing the seams under the sleeve with one color. No matter which color I used, a bit of it would peek through a contrasting stripe. Anyways, after knitting a few stripes in the round,  I quickly found out that these small garter stitch stripes are just not possible to do that way. It’s hard to explain why but just take my word, it doesn’t work. OK, it’s not totally impossible; I suppose I could have used one of PGR’s intarsia-in-the-round techniques, but didn’t have enough time to try one of them.


Yahoo! All of my hand spinning for the Spin-Off sweater is finished. Knitting should start this week, once I’ve rewashed the dark colors so that they don’t bleed on the lighter ones.

6 thoughts on “Quick and Easy

  1. great baby sweater 🙂 and you must be so proud that you finished spinning all the yarn. can’t wait to see the sweater started!


  2. I was glad to hear that I’m not the only one that thinks Spin Off has gone down hill. I too think Rita’s articles were the best and hope for a book in the future.


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