Progressive Knitting

Progressive_knittingI first saw a copy of this book while taking a class about spinning for socks with Judith McKenzie McCuin a couple of months ago. She mentioned that it is the best resource for information about fit for any knitted garment.

Well, a couple of weeks ago when I was considering making a pair of socks from one of Nancy Bush’s books and  lamented how her socks only come in one size. While most of Bush’s socks fit my foot, I usually make the leg portion an inch shorter so I won’t have any problems getting them to stay up.

This dilemma got me thinking more about creating better fitting socks so, after noticing this book as a reference in one of my knitting books, I dug up a copy.

Let me tell you, this 1940’s book is well worth the $7 I paid for it. It has formulas for any knitted garment and gives examples in several gauges. It’s inspired me to attempt a pair of knee length stockings in the near future or at least to go ahead and modify the Bush pattern to get a better fit.

4 thoughts on “Progressive Knitting

  1. Thanks for sharing that helpful hint, I’ll have to put that on my used book to look for list. I love old knitting books, they really seem to be the best for technical information.


  2. You are so right about that book and you got it a bargain. I’ve had it for years and although I’ve bought many more I still go back to it. Another favorite of mine is Mary Thomas’s Knitting book. If you can find the original 1938 edition you would have a found a treasure. My 1972 copy is a reprint by Dover.
    btw, I love your blog….thanks.


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