Merino Tencel blend spun


So this is what it looks like spun into a 2 ply. I’m pleasantly surprised at how nice this fiber mix is.  The plied yarn looks a bit stiff when if first comes off the wheel but once it’s washed it becomes soft and silky.

After spinning three bobbins of spinning singles, it became much easier to handle and to anticipate how fast the fiber supply slips through my fingers.  Now that I’ve got the rhythm down, It’s hard to stop and do any knitting. At this point I have three finished skeins and have three more to finish.

While spinning this fiber, I decided to start weighing my fiber before I spin it. I figured that this would hopefully help in getting the same amount of fiber on each bobbin and thus eliminating left over singles on one bobbin. Each of my bobbins seems to accommodate about 2 ounces of singles that can later be plied onto one bobbin.  For the most part this method works, although results do vary depending on how many self-plying samples I take while spinning singles.

3 thoughts on “Merino Tencel blend spun

  1. That yarn is really nice – I love how balanced the plying is. And the sleeve from the pattern in the last entry is so cute. I like that it’s not in “baby” colors – but will be completely adorable.


  2. This yarn is GORGEOUS! I have always wanted to spin and knit that Spin Off sweater. Though I have been spinning for 11 years I am still insecure about my spinning consistency. Kudos to you for doing this project.


  3. Thanks Hope. I’m so surprised at how much I like this yarn considering how difficult it seemed to be when I first started spinning it.
    Just the other day I did a google search to see if anyone else has posted info about the Spin Off sweater but didn’t find much; at least no bloggers have done it. I did however find some information on that mentioned that Sarah (the designer) was actually going to use plum merino instead of the honey tencel/merino. She switched because the tencel/merino blend photographed better. So, that’s got me thinking; since I don’t really like to wear white maybe I should use plum instead of the honey for the top of the sweater. Of course, that would mean spinning another pound and a half of plum merino.


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