Knitting has commenced

It’s taken about a year and a half to get this far;  six months to give myself permission to buy a wheel and another year of  spinning classes and practice to produce acceptable yarn. Spinoff_start

One of the reasons I hesitated to start spinning was an unfounded fear that I would never produce yarn good enough for knitting as well as a bit of nervousness due to the relatively large investment I had to make before having much opportunity to find out whether I would stick with it.

For some folks it might be odd to hear that I  want my hand spun to look just as good as any commercial yarn, but that’s me. With any craft I do, I have this odd need to make my items as perfect as possible. I guess it come from a desire to show others that in this age of mass produced junk, that hand crafted items can be of much better quality and value than run-of-the-mill stuff  purchased at the mall.

So now that I’ve done lots of spinning and have finally started knitting with my handspun yarn, I’m so thrilled that I did eventually dive into this craft. I don’t know if other spinners/knitters feel this way, but I’m finding that knitting takes on a whole other dimension when using handspun yarn.

By the way, in a few of weeks I’ll be attending the Northwest Reginal Spinners’ Association conference . I was lucky to get all my first choices for classes – the ones taught by Rita Buchanan.  As I’ve collected back issues of Spin Off magazine, I’ve been finding her articles  the most informative for learning, so I feel lucky to actually get a chance to take two days worth of classes with her.

2 thoughts on “Knitting has commenced

  1. I once laboured over some laceweight yarn I’d spun from fleece I’d painstakingly washed.It was,if I say so myself,perfect ! Well,as perfect as I’ve ever managed ! Soft,light,bouncy,even…just lovely.It gave me so much pleasure.An older,more experienced spinner told me that I couldn’t have spun it as it was ‘so perfect it couldn’t be handspun” !!!
    Make what you want,exactly how you want.As long as it gives you pleasure,if not pure joy,that’s all that matters.
    The knitting is looking fantastic – hardly surprising as the yarn is fantastic.
    I am so envious of you being able to take classes with Rita Buchanan.A master spinner,dyer and weaver.I love the articles she wrote for Spin Off.


  2. The sweater beginning is just lovely! I am also one of those who likes my handspun to look as “perfect” as possible. Handmade definitely doesn’t mean shoddy.


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