Knitting continues

Spinoff_twospindlesProgress  has been steady.  As I get farther along it  gets harder to put down and get other things done.

Every project has it’s challenges and this one is no exception.  For the most part it’s coming along  quite well but  I have notice that  red background is  puckering a bit in the  large solid areas where  on the back side I  tacked  down  the unused  white yarn  to minimize the float. I try to monitor my tension on the white yarn, easing up to avoid puckering,  but that doesn’t seem to do much good. At this point I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the puckering will go away once the sweater is blocked.

On my way to the NWRSA conference this Thursday I’m going to stop by Woodland Woolworks. I’ve been getting their catalogs for the past year but have yet to order from them. They seem to have just about anything a spinner or knitter might need.

Niddy noddy update

Last February I posted a photo of a unique niddy noddy that I’ve seen while attending a couple of spinning classes over the past year.  One of the owners of these niddy noddies works for the Weaving Works and said that she hasn’t been able to contact the maker for years and thus didn’t think he was still in business.  I’ve been holding out hope that someday one of these would cross my path. Well today I did one more web search and finally found a source,  Village Spinning & Weaving !

They also carry his skein winder.  While the skein winder might seem a bit pricey  it does have a built-in counter.  I’ll hold off adding to my order but will certainly add it to my “would like to have” list.

5 thoughts on “Knitting continues

  1. I wish I’d known, I’d have saved mine for you. I had that same niddy-noddy, and gave it away; it was just too big and unwieldy, and the bottom piece kept trying to slip out of its hole. It was a pain to get going with a hank on it. It was beautiful, but to me not a useful piece of equipment. I gave it away. Not trying to be a killjoy, and it was absolutely gorgeous.


  2. Alison,
    It’s good to hear feedback even though it might not jive with my thoughts.
    Sounds like you had the larger one (2yds), which is quite large.
    It also comes in two smaller sizes. I order two different sizes – 2yds & 1yd. So far I like them and haven’t had any trouble with the pegs slipping out.


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