Scottish Wave Scarf

Scottish_wave_scarf_3Since I  don’t have any progress to show on my current projects, I’ve pull out one from my “to do” back log.

When Cat Bordhi’s books on knitted moebius garments came out last year I wasn’t terrible interested in getting my hands on one of them until I saw this Scottish Wave Scarf (A Treasury of Magical Knitting) displayed at the Weaving Works. It’s one of those designs that is easily passed over in a book but jumped out at me when I had a chance to see it close-up.

Since I wasn’t interested in the other patterns in the book, I put a hold on a copy from my local library and just got it after a three month wait.

While the design is interesting, I think I was mostly attracted to the yarn, Tahki Shannon. Here’s a closer view of the color called “charcoal” (#11).


Wouldn’t this be a  fun yarn to duplicate ? It looks like it was constructed in a two steps. First, a smaller black wool yarn is loosely wrapped with  a roving to construct a base and then a smaller variegated single is wrapped around base.

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