The Spin-Off 25th Anniversary Sweater


It’s finished!

All the loose ends were woven yesterday afternoon.

What a journey. Almost two years of learning how to spin, including purchasing a wheel and taking several classes, and months of  practice with merino before starting to spin the fiber for this project.

I enjoyed every minute of it.

21 thoughts on “The Spin-Off 25th Anniversary Sweater

  1. Congratulations! Your results are really really impressive (read: i’m really jealous!) and it was absolutely inspirational reading your blog and following your progress on this sweater. As we say in french, “Vraiment, deux fois bravo!”


  2. Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment, and your sweater is beautiful. I can’t even imagine how many hours must have gone into this project. Take good care of that sweater 🙂


  3. Congratulations! Your sweater is an absolutely awesome accomplishment. I’ve followed your progress since I met you during Judith McKenzie’s class at last year’s Winter Retreat in Gig Harbor (I’m the one with the Ashford traditional wheel)…and must say that I have learned a lot from what you have shared on your blog. You are indeed an inspiration!


  4. YAY! it’s done!! I’ve really enjoyed watching this amazing piece come together and I still can’t believe this is handspun. You must be such a perfectionist;-)


  5. Your sweater is BEAUTIFUL! I took a beginner’s spinning class in June and a classmate shared your URL with me. I just bought a wheel and I’m excited to comb through your archives for spinning tips! Your sweater is truly an inspiration for me!


  6. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! I never imagined that I’d get such great responses.
    I’m not sure what big spinning/knitting project I’ll be doing next. I’m waiting for something to grab my attention.


  7. This is an incredible sweater. I hope to see it in a future edition of the mag. I have been reading your past posts on twist. I’m in this quandary of twist right now. Too much, too little, none that is just quite right. Your sweater is inspiring me though to get back to the wheel and give it another spin.


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