Firebirds started

Lowerbandneedles After a week of crunching numbers I finally got enough confidence to cast on. Figuring out how wide the body should be wasn’t a problem but I wasn’t sure about adjustments to the neckline. Luckily I got some help from a fellow knitter/blogger whose already tackled this pattern.

When I looked through my supply of 3.5mm circular needles I only found two 24″ and one 47″. I tried using the longer needle but quickly found it was way too large. I then tried using both 24″ needles but found the needle tips a bit troublesome to work around. I was about ready to make a trip to the yarn store for a new 40″ circular when my Knit Picks needles arrived.

A couple of weeks ago after reading all the positive comments about these needles on Knitter’s Review I decided to give them a try. I placed an order for some of the Classic Circular needles and one set of the Options Line needle tips and cords. Apparently, these needles are so popular that Knit Picks is having a hard time keeping up with orders.

So what do I think? After working several rows, I can say they’re much better than my Addi Turbo needles. The cables are wonderfully flexible and the tips are a bit sharper which makes two color knitting easier for me. I’m currently knitting with one of the needles with removable tips and so far haven’t had any trouble with them coming loose. Kudos to Knit Picks for taking knitting needle design one step further. By the way, Clara from KR has an excellent detailed review of these needles.

7 thoughts on “Firebirds started

  1. I am so happy to hear someone post about these needles. I’ve seen lots of folks ordering them but no opinions yet. I was wondering if the needle tips were sharper than Addis and you answered that question. I wondered if the coils were flexible and that question has been answered. I’m concerned about whether the joins are smooth and if, over time, they will loosen. I just think I will go place my order today! Thanks for sharing!


  2. The join seems just as good as the Addi Turbo needles and probably wouldn’t come loose on both types of needles.
    For the Options Line, the needle tip is fasten to the cable by a tiny screw at the tip of the cable. To make sure the connection is tight, you use a key type lever to help ratched the screw into the needle.
    I just wonder if over time whether the screw could loose it’s grip if the needle tips are changed often.


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