It’s 89 degrees and still knitting


Got one repeat finished this week. I’m coping with the heat by mostly working on Firebirds in the evening and morning when it’s cool. Otherwise, I can’t concentrate and end up ripping out all that I knit.

To get out of the heat, this afternoon, I went over to Fusion Beads thinking I might pick up some beads to make some of those fancy stitch markers.

For this project, I’ve been using one to mark the back of the sweater so I don’t forget to flip the repeat (birds on the right side face right and ones on the left face left). I have no trouble keeping track of the front because the steeks are very noticeable. So, no stitch marker for the front.

Anyways, the stitch marker that I’m using came in the goodie bag give out at the  NwRA conference . Ordinarily I wouldn’t purchase such things but I work on this project I’ve grown fond of the one I have and like the feel of a metal marker. The colors even match the sweater.

So, as I was sifting through the packages of crystal beads at the store, I realized it was all quickly getting out of hand; I don’t need another hobby.  I leave the store with only a few plain sterling silver jump rings  that will work well with my new needles.

By the way, I noticed some excellent tutorials on Fusion Beads’ website, including this one on wire wrapping.

8 thoughts on “It’s 89 degrees and still knitting

  1. Wow, you mean you don’t use any stitch markers to separate each pattern repeat?
    I use jump rings too, the closed ones, but I need a bunch, just to separate the repeats.


  2. I’m in the same boat – I just use cheap, plain old jump rings. Anything else either gets caught in my knitting or is too floppy to deal with. Simplicity at it’s best.


  3. The Firebird is beautiful! I really love the colors in it. You are giving me courage to start my Donegal sweater.
    Good for you for walking out of that store. I’ve been through the stitch-marker making phase and it does get out of hand. And now, as pretty as my markers are, I don’t much like floppy stitch-markers dangling between my repeats. I prefer the plain jane teeny rubber markers from Clover.
    I will enjoy watching your Firebird progress!


  4. Marina,
    I don’t use markers between repeats unless it’s the first row. I usually know were I’m at by comparing the previous row as I knit the current row.


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