Time to start thinking of the next project

Firebirds: almost done

The pattern says to cut extra stitches on the front of the body and the collar before starting the collar. Every time I anticipate cutting my work, I feel a bit queasy about the idea. So, I decide to only cut the extra stitches around the collar and finish it before cutting into the extra stitches on the front. After the fact, I’m thinking I should just get over my fear of stitches unraveling. It’s really no big deal when working with Shetland yarn. Working the collar with the front open would have been much easier.


Time to start thinking about the next project

I’ve been engrossed in this project for so long that it’s odd to even think about starting another one. Several months back I was going to start a sock project  but never manage to get it started. I’ve been promising to make fingerless gloves, so I guess that will be next.

12 thoughts on “Time to start thinking of the next project

  1. Oh wow ! I’ve always loved Firebirds. Yours is stunning. Really beautiful. I hope you enjoy many years of wear,and compliments. You are such a wonderful knitter.


  2. It will be all your & Vanessa’s fault if a box containing Firebirds lands on my door step!
    It’s gorgeous. Definitely much easier knitting the collar with everything cut up.


  3. Such dedication! I have watched your progress on this for a long time and it is beautiful. I could never do it, so it’s nice to see someone with a longer attention span than me. 🙂


  4. It’s really lovely. congratulations. I’m happy to see it on your blog because I had thought about ordering it to make for my daughter and you’ve helped me make up my mind.


  5. Congratulations!
    It’s truly stunning!
    Beautiful job!
    And I’ve enjoyed watching it progress.
    You may sit back and admire your work with beverage of choice.


  6. Beautiful work – I’ve loved watching your process of creating this lovely thing. It’s always a bit startling to realize you’re done this huge thing, and decide what’s next!


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