Almost finished

Front bands

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and encouragement.

It’s almost finished but there are still a few more things to do.

* Finish the right front band
* Trim the steeks
* Darn loose ends
* Dress the sweater using a woolly board
* Find and sew on buttons (maybe)
* Take  and post a photo of me wearing it

    9 thoughts on “Almost finished

    1. Thanks everyone.
      Now I’m having a hard time deciding whether I want buttons or not.
      Good question. I didn’t catch any of the floats. The pattern mentions to catch the floats when the stretch between colors is more than 7 stitches (= one inch). The band doesn’t have any floats that are longer than 7 stitches.


    2. I’m almost sad to see you finish. I’ve always wanted to knit Firebirds but it is too hot here so I’ve been knitting vicariously so to speak.
      It is a gorgeous sweater and a work of art.


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