Persones Llanas, Barcelona


My first yarn store visit in Barcelona was to Persones Llanas. That’s me standing in front of the store happily clutching my purchases.

So, this is crazy – while in Barcelona I end up purchasing wool from Shetland.

J_s_shetlandOfficial Tally:

– 1 ball of J & S Jumper weight

– 6 balls of J & S Lace weight

– 3 balls of J & S cobweb

We asked about local Spanish wool. Isn’t merino from Spain?

Apparently it’s not being produced although the owners mentioned they are working with a local artisan and were hoping to get a shipment soon.

I don’t speak Spanish so I’m not sure a what the whole story is. That’s what my husband relayed to me after a long discussion with one of the owners who is from Barcelona. The other is originally from Tucson but she was giving a lesson in the loft.

My husband wryly mentioned that we were on a world wide tour of yarn stores. The response was, I know what you mean.

This is a really small yarn shop. Notice the display on the left? That’s just about the whole stock and I think much of it is from the US. In case you’re interested, they do offer a PDF catalog via their website. Since my current knitting phase is learning about Shetland knitting, I was thrilled to buy some Jamieson & Smith wool. Now I have some for comparison with VY and Jamieson.

The owners are very enthusiastic advocates of knitting and are encouraging Barcelonians to expand their knitting horizons. The next day I purchased a copy of Verena Moda De Punto, the local knitting magazine and noticed an article about “Nuevas Costumbres” which included a photo of group of  young knitters gathered in the loft knitting.

The store is conveniently located in the old part of town not to far from the Picasso museum. Across the street from the Picasso museum is an interesting textile museum.

8 thoughts on “Persones Llanas, Barcelona

  1. Beautiful yarn! I’ve been wanting to order some from their website, but keep hesitating. Does the yarn feel nice? Is Shetland wool itchy or would you say it’s soft?
    By the way, LOVE your shawl, and I thought the pic of you in it was great.


  2. Oh, thank’s for this picture. Memories come up…. If I see it right, the man on the left is the catalonian owner, right? I was so astonished, that a man was so enthusiastic about knitting 😉 I’ve bought two skeins of wonderful Malabrigo and wanted absolutly the silke-tweed, but desperatly the didn’t had the colour I wanted…
    Merino sheeps were indeed original coming von Spain!


  3. Jouf, shetland yarns are as soft as some yarns, like merino for instance. I’m pretty tolerant of itchy yarns especially if I wear something under them.
    Andrea, Yes the guy in the picture is one of the owners. The other one is up in the loft.


  4. I read your blog and then went to Persones Llanas over Thanksgiving. I bought some beautiful red Alpaca and some nice fuzzy Wool/Acrylic blend. My mother and friend, who I am teaching how to knit, got some lovely chunky wool. I also bought a multitude of little accessories which I had forgot to bring with me on the trip. The people there were very friendly. . . great little place.
    However, we couldn’t find La Barcelana anywhere. We wandered up and down the streets, even attempted a Spider-Man move on the walls, but to no avail.
    But Persones Llanas more than fulfilled my yarn fix for the trip. Thanks for posting about it 🙂


  5. I was in this store this past June! The owner was super sweet…even though I didn’t buy anything. (no room left in my luggage!)
    Next time I’m there, I will be certain to have an extra carry-on.
    Great photos…and wonderful blog!!!!!
    You have a new fan.


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