La Barcelana, Barcelona

La Barcelana
After visiting Museu Tèxtil i d´Indumentària we wondered the narrow streets of this old neighborhood enjoying the shops and old architecture.

I knew there was another small yarn shop in the area but thought I had done enough yarn shopping that day. Lately I’ve been trying to not to make any more impulsive yarn purchases until I use up what I have. It’s amazing how fast yarn can accumulate over the years, especially if there was no intended project when it is purchased. Only one stray ball of yarn has actually turned into a finished object, that was the yarn I used to make the swallowtail shawl. That yarn was purchased almost three years ago while on vacation in Paris. OK, so earlier in the day I did buy some  J&S Shetland yarn from Persones Llanes. I justified that purchase because I can’t readily get that brand where I live.

Well, somehow we eventually ended up at La Barcelana.

peak inside Labarcelana

We popped our head into the door and I briefly looked at the yarns. Our timing wasn’t great because I think they were just about to close for the afternoon break. Various unlabeled yarns were stashed in bins along one wall and in the back room a woman was weaving on a large loom. This time I stuck to my pledge and didn’t buy anything. While the shop did display a few knitted items I got the idea that this shop catered mostly to weavers.

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