The girls

the girls

These two youngsters came home with us yesterday. No official names yet. Both are adjusting well to their new home and the other feline house guest. We haven’t tried knitting yet; that will probably have to wait until nap time.

11 thoughts on “The girls

  1. I am beginning to think that EVERYONE who knits has cats! Exept me….of course…and I would have a cat except DH dislikes cats intensly! What adorable sweet cats! I think you should name them KNIT and PURL! Or, perhaps, FAIR and ISLE….but my very favorite names are the names in the CATS musical!


  2. The girls are keeping me so busy. There is so much energy in the house! I’m the referee between these two and an four year old cat that I’ve been watching for a friend. They’ve all been really good but the older cat sometimes can’t understand why these little ones don’t always a proper distance.
    The vet said they look to be about six months old and must be litter mates. The darker one reminds me so much of Toby,my feline buddy that died last spring). It’s uncanny.
    I started the buttonholes but didn’t get far before “Muffin” (the older one) crawled into my lap and sat on the sweater. The little ones were too busy playing to notice I was knitting.


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