Happy New Year

I wish every one a wonderful and peaceful New Year.

Roscalie Vest

Roscalie_swatch The swatch for the Roscalie vest is off the needles and has been blocked. Correct tension has been achieved using 3.25mm needles. That’s kind of a surprise since I used 3.5mm needles for Firebirds.

One thing I didn’t catch before ordering this kit was that the edgings on the waist, arms and neck don’t have corrugated ribbing the  version in the book “In the Hebrides”. This one has a garter stitch version of the motif with the blue background. I can’t help wondering why she changed it.

So with no sleeves, buttonholes or corrugated ribbing this design has got to be one of the easiest Fair Isles offered by Virtual Yarns.


Sunrise-Sunset Socks


Can’t believe I have two active projects on the needles at once. For those  of you unfamiliar with my knitting style, I tend to stick to one thing at a time. It my way of keeping momentum going and hopefully finishing almost every project that I start.

Here’s those socks I started a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve reversed the pattern and started at the toe. Although I’ve reversed the work order , I’m sticking to the traditional heel shown in the pattern by adapting the heels from  “You’re Putting Me On” socks to fit these socks.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I think Vanessa is onto something. Quite a few of her later & reworked stuff have garter stitch hems which I actually prefer.
    The Roscalie vest is one of the projects she recommends for a beginner. It might be easy but it’s still quite lovely.


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