Needles are flying


Lots of progress on the vest since last week. All the pattern changes are so interesting and fairly easy to remember that I can’t seem to put it down. So far changes between colors is no longer than four stitches which makes it darn easy to knit.

The weather here has been gloomy so it’s hard to get a good shot in natural light. The colors are much deeper and appealing in person. I love this update take on a traditional Fair Isle.

As you might have noticed in the photo, I went ahead and started off with the garter stitch border. The down side of working from a kit is that you only get enough yarn for a specific design, making it hard to do any significant adjustments. I suppose I could have done an invisible cast on, knit the patterned part and then added a corrugated rib later if I enough yarn was left over.

5 thoughts on “Needles are flying

  1. Oh the colours are wonderful! You do know which projects to work on.
    I really like the Roscalie cardigan style too. This is tempting!
    I admire your usual practise of only working on one thing at a time. I must work on that in this new year!


  2. Great colors. I love traditional Fair Isle patterns. I like the idea of a garter border. Lays flat and simple to offset the complex Fair Isle. Good idea.


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