Back to square one


Here’s the vest neatly packaged into small plastic bags by row motif. This might disturb the faint of heart, but yes it’s as bad as it looks. I ripped out the whole vest yesterday just as I was about to start the steeks.

I did a trial fit and realized that it would turn out much too large, even though it was a medium. Normally that’s the right size for a sweater that sits at my hips but got thinking about how short this vest is. It will sit well above the largest part of my hips so I can go ahead and make it a few inches smaller to fit the bust area better.

I’ll just add that this is my first vest ever so it’s been a little hard to tell what would be a good fit.  I’m sure the second time around it will knit up just as fast and I should be able to show some progress next week.

8 thoughts on “Back to square one

  1. Oh my. You are a brave soul to rip and plunge back in. I’ll have my needles crossed that this time it fits. Better to love the fit than to push on knowing it won’t be what you want but still, all that ripping.


  2. Whenever something like this happens to me, I try to convince myself that I’ll have the joy of knitting this project again. I also tell myself that it makes the project and the yarn cheaper as I’m getting more stitches for my dollar.
    Sometimes it works. *L*
    Good luck with your reknit!


  3. Oh my…I can understand why you did it, because after putting all that work into it and not being able to wear it would be worse than trying again…maybe. Wow…maybe I will go fix that cable row I goofed 🙂


  4. Sigh…I just did the same thing with my Chic Knits Ariann cardigan, which I had completed in one piece up to the armholes. In my case, it was going to be way too small. So rip I did. I’m feeling better now that I’m closer to where I was before ripping. But painful, isn’t it?


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