Tension confusion

When Nature is on Sophie can careless if I’m knitting.

Roscalie is coming along ok even though it’s taken a couple of tries to get the decreases right. After two decreases on each armhole the instructions say, “dec at armholes on next 6 rnds, then on every foll alt rnd 8 times in all. 16 sts decreased at each side of armholes in total”. At first I focused on the ‘8 times in all’ and kept getting the wrong amount of decreases. Finally I added it up. 2 sts + 6sts + 8sts = 16 in total. Doah!

Past armhole cast offToday I took some measurements. Tension is suppose to be 28 sts x 32 rows = 10 cm while I’m getting 27sts x 34 rows = 10 cm. I’m not so worried about the stitch count but I do worry about the rows. Gosh, didn’t this happen with Firebirds? It’s just dawned on me; I should have measured my swatch before I washed it and then after as a reference guide for moments like this.

Bamboo Marking Pins

If you were in Jean’s class and saw the pins she was using to set in a sleeve you might be interested in knowing Patternworks now carries them. Thanks Naomi and Caryn for the tip.

Must be a very popular item now, notice it didn’t take long before getting put on back order.

Here’s a different kind of Fair Isle cardigan, Ruth’s Kauni
trøje ( free download ). This yarn is from Denmark and apparently not available in North America. I ordered some from Wollensucht.de in Germany but it’s coming on the slow boat so I  don’t expect to see it for awhile.

8 thoughts on “Tension confusion

  1. Roscalie is coming along very nicely!
    Kauni looks like fun and a faster knit! What color(s) did you order? Did you order one color or two?
    Would you mind if I joined you in knitting this?
    Good reminder of measuring the guage before and after blocking!!


  2. Roscalie is beautiful! I love the colors.
    Couldn’t you measure the swatch and the garment to get a sense for how the row gauge will vary? If the yarn and the needles are the same, it should work.


  3. Hi all,
    Here’s a link to the shawl that inspired me to buy this yarn.
    Something like that is what I had in mind although, I’m not sure if that’s what I’ll do with the yarn.
    As fate would have it, I happened to find the cardi pattern after placing my order for 330 grams of the EQ colorway last week. The pattern calls for 480 grams. Darn it.
    Shipping from Germany is expensive so I’ll wait to see what the yarn is like before I decide whether to buy more to make the cardi. Uli from Wollensucht.com said it can take up to three months to arrive.
    I was also thinking that I could try to dye some yarn like this with my new set of Mother MacKezie Dyes.
    Maia, I’ve measured both and it should turn out fine after blocking. I always tend fret about gauge because that seems like one of the hardest things to control. I was just thinking that it would ease my anxiety if I had recorded the measurement of the swatch before it was blocked and not just after. That way I could be more sure about the actual results.


  4. You find the neatest stuff! Ordering in German is a bit intimidating. I’ll be waiting all those months with you to see how the yarn is and then maybe I’ll have to overcome my trepidation.


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