One more pattern for the pile

I should have been done with Roscalie by now but ended up reworking the upper body after messing up the decreases several times.

To make things even more confusing I extended the body by 8 rounds without thinking of how that would affect the line up of the design at the shoulders. Traditionally Fair Isle sweaters are planned so that there are no partial designs at the shoulders or sides. But  as Baldrick always says, “I’ve got a cunning plan” and should have more to show next week.

Last weekend I dropped by The Weaving Works hoping to find a copy of Favorite Socks. No luck, they were already sold out. I did however find a new pattern to add to my list of potential projects. It’s this cabled cardigan by Kathy Zimmerman for Classic Elite. It was hanging in the shop with other items from that pattern book, although this is the only one that spoke to me. If I do ever make this one, I’ll probably find a soft Aran type yarn rather than Montera.

7 thoughts on “One more pattern for the pile

  1. That’s a very nice looking sweater. But I’d prefer to see it without the belt.
    We still had copies of Favorite Socks as of Friday at The Fiber Gallery, if you’re still looking for it.


  2. My LYSs can’t keep Favorite Socks in stock either. I’ve been too late both times they’ve come in, as well. I’m surprised that there’s that much demand for the book.


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