Frio river outing

Knitting by the Frio riverLast weekend was the family outing to the Frio river. The weather was mostly overcast with light rain. That’s OK because even though the sun wasn’t out, it was about 10 – 15 degrees warmer than the previous week back home. With the weather being a bit cooler than anticipated I was able to continue working on the cardigan and even finished the left arm.

Just as I arrived I found out that my niece was ready to try knitting and wanted me to teach her. On the way from Austin to the Frio we kept an eye out for a yarn store and were lucky to find Ewe & Eye along the way. It’s a nice little store that’s also has a rather large toy section.

Jojoland Melody

While I was there to quickly grab some needles and yarn for a beginner I couldn’t help but take a quick look at all the yarn. This Jojoland Melody popped out at me. It’s a variegated yarn in rainbow colors similar to Kauni. While the colors are similar, I’m not sure how long the color changes are. Also this yarn is plied with three different colored strands that  form a noticeable barber pool affect. Not sure how it would look knitted up or if it would work as a replacement for Kauni.

Left arm

So, here’s what I got done. Please ignore the wrinkles. It was rolled and stuffed into my carry on bag.

I’m not so sure I like all that orange and green towards the bottom half of the sleeve but I’ll leave it for now.

I wasn’t sure about the sleeve length so I cut the extra stitches on the front and back neck to make it easier to try on the cardigan.

As you can see I lined up all the yarn that’s left – 240 grams worth. That’s what’s left of the 520 grams I had when I started. Not sure if I mentioned this but I’m making the medium sized one with the body shortened a few centimeters. Should be plenty to finish the other sleeve and the rest of the ribbing.

7 thoughts on “Frio river outing

  1. So — how did the knitting lesson with DNiece go? (What a good auntie you are, to give it a go.) How old is she? Was she more interested in the yarn, or the toys, at the shop?


  2. I love seeing when new knitters are being born! 🙂
    The sweater looks great. When I get back home to Seattle I have two goals – start back up on my Ruth’s Kauni cardi and cast on for Dulaan!
    Can you bring a skein of the jojoland? I’ve seen it on-line but haven’t had a chance to see it in-person.
    This Kauni has really got you thinking of self striping/long striping yarns!


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